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Our Electronic Mail is HIPAA compliant, but this does not guarantee its security. For this reason, please message Dr. Mehr Karamat and Dr. Ansar Malik through the CHARM patient portal or via Spruce messaging when possible.

Our clinic uses a HIPAA compliant phone service via Spruce for consultation and out of office conversations. Emergency Calls – In the case of a medical or psychiatric emergency (when a person has thoughts of harming themselves, has thoughts of harming others, or gravely disabled to the point where they absolutely cannot care for themselves) the patient should contact emergency services by dialing 911, calling the Crisis Line or by presenting to an Emergency Department. We do not provide any acute psychiatric services during emergencies or crises, Dr. Mehr Karamat or Dr. Ansar Malik should not be the one you contact in such situations. You should be accessing emergency services as mentioned above.